Studio Recording

Studio recording is set at a flat hourly rate. This covers tracking, editing, mixing, mastering, and everything else we do while working in the studio. Operating in a top of the line facility in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia, creating only the highest quality recordings.

$40 per hour
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2 hr. minimum on booking.

Online Mixing

Getting your hands on a home recording setup has become much cheaper over the years, But what do you do once you have all your tracks laid down? Record music at home or anywhere in the world, then send them over to me for professional editing, mixing, and mastering.

Starts @ $120 per song

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Bring me an idea and I can take it from a melody in your head to a radio ready song playing from your speakers. I've worked closely for years with my clients developing a relationship that gets results. I have the knowledge and skills needed to turn your ideas into reality.

Pricing Varies

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ddubb AUDIO has a new home! MNYK Studios not only features some of the best audio rooms in Philly with top notch gear, but also provides a professional photo/video production studio and event space!

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Audio Engineer & Producer based out of Philadelphia. In early 2007 I opened the doors to TWEEK studios, a 3 room recording studio in NE Philadelphia, and in 2013 I opened Dobbstar Studios on the 3rd floor of The Legendary Dobbs music venue on South St. Through my experience running recording studios and working at many others, I've had the opportunity to create music with countless talented artists in all musical styles and genres. This has given me the ability to hone my craft and develop a distinct style and sound.

"My approach is to support the artist's vision for the project. To find where they might be lacking a specific skill or method needed and use my experience to fill in those gaps. The goal is to pluck the song directly from the artist's mind and print it the recording. When we're done, the artist should think - That's exactly how I heard it in my head."

If it takes 10,000 hours to truly master a craft, I've put in my time. Attention to detail while maintaining efficiency makes sure your project gets done on time and within budget. Being a musician myself, I know how to get the best takes out of an artist. I can hear when an instrument is out of tune, a singer is a little flat, or when it's best to just take a break for a few minutes. Music is amazing, and making music should be fun. The moment it stops being fun is the moment we're not doing it right.


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All of the tracks here have been Recorded, Edited, Mixed, and Mastered by ddubb AUDIO