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Lets turn your track into a full-blown masterpiece, whether you are a singer/songwriter, pop artist, MC, or something in between. Studio Rates are $40 per hour. This covers tracking, editing, mixing, mastering, and pretty much anything we do while working in the studio. I offer discounts for larger blocks of time through my Package Deals. I craft mixes that can be held to the highest standard of industry quality. Have a mix you don’t like? Bring me the audio and I’ll fix any mistakes made by other engineers, no problem. Your vision is my vision…

Studio Time: $40 per hour (Engineer Incl.)

Online Mixing: Starting at $100 per track (See Below)

Music Production: See Below

-Studio Block Rates-

-Package Deals-

-Online Mixing-

Here’s how it works – in 6 easy steps:

1. You record your music (ideally at the highest quality), make sure that the songs arrangement is how you want it, and that the takes you’ve chosen are clean, do any edits or clean up, then export each individual audio track.

2. Send me an email with the project details and any other necessary information I may need for the mix.

3. Drop me a payment through Paypal or Square for the number of songs you want me to mix and I will set you up a shared Dropbox folder so you can deliver files directly to me.

4. I will mix of your songs, and then send you back a reference track (first draft). You listen and decide if you want any revisions to the mix. If so, just shoot me an email or phone call and we’ll discuss the changes.

5. I’ll update the mix and send another reference. You are free to make one more round of notes/changes.

6. Once you are satisfied with the mix, I’ll upload the final mix to our shared Dropbox folder in whichever format you wish.

That’s it! you get world class, radio ready mixes over the web at a rate that will fit your budget!

Online Mixing: Starting at $100 per track

Basic Online Mix:

  • Set correct level, EQ, Compression, Effects (when specifically stated, or obviously needed), Industry standard level mastering.

TOTAL – $100 

10+ track count:

  • This is specifically geared towards bands and more involved – higher track count mixes. More instruments, especially live recorded instruments, take longer to mix.
  • Drums, Bass, Guitars, Vocals, etc. Using all of the tools above to create the highest quality mix possible with the tracks given.

TOTAL – $150